FirkinTickets please!

Planning to come to our tenth annual Grayshott Beer Festival next weekend?  Then time is running out to get your FirkinTickets before they too run out!

The easiest way to get FirkinTickets is to order them online from FirkinTony who has set up a lovely sparkly web-page just for the purpose  Options displayed are FirkinFriday £5, FirkinParty £10 or FirkinBoth £15 and you can buy as many as you FirkinWant.  Pay securely using paypal or a card and they will be waiting for you on the door – FirkinGuaranteed! – click here to visit our lovely sparkly webpage and buy your FirkinTickets now.

Alternatively, if you are in the village, drop into Light lines or Grayshott Social Club and buy them in person – and whilst you are at it you could pick up a light bulb or a pint of heavy.

Buying your FirkinTickets in advance is always highly recommended.  Yes, they will also be on sale at the village hall door, but for an extra £2.50 each, and there is no guarantee at all that there will be any left when you get there.  So don’t leave it TooFirkinLate!