Firkin X marks the spot!

The spot to be this weekend is in Grayshott Village Hall as FirkinFest X, the 10th annual Grayshott Beer & Cider festival, gets underway.  Doors open at 6pm TONIGHT for FirkinFriday with a selection of 17 superb real ales & 6 scrummy ciders to choose from.

Firkin X marks the spot!

The FirkinCommittee have checked them all and are looking forward to another successful festival.  Tonight we have a special lineup of Binkys Dixie Demons to Jazz things up and on Saturday evening I Witness will really get the FirkinParty started.

The FirkinCommittee quality control department

Tickets for both session are still available to order online and they will be waiting for you to collect on the door.

Hope to see you later. X

FirkinTickets please!

Planning to come to our tenth annual Grayshott Beer Festival next weekend?  Then time is running out to get your FirkinTickets before they too run out!

The easiest way to get FirkinTickets is to order them online from FirkinTony who has set up a lovely sparkly web-page just for the purpose  Options displayed are FirkinFriday £5, FirkinParty £10 or FirkinBoth £15 and you can buy as many as you FirkinWant.  Pay securely using paypal or a card and they will be waiting for you on the door – FirkinGuaranteed! – click here to visit our lovely sparkly webpage and buy your FirkinTickets now.

Alternatively, if you are in the village, drop into Light lines or Grayshott Social Club and buy them in person – and whilst you are at it you could pick up a light bulb or a pint of heavy.

Buying your FirkinTickets in advance is always highly recommended.  Yes, they will also be on sale at the village hall door, but for an extra £2.50 each, and there is no guarantee at all that there will be any left when you get there.  So don’t leave it TooFirkinLate!


Two FirkinWeeks to FirkinFest X

Only two weeks to wait for our tenth Firkinfest in Grayshott – have you got your FirkinTickets yet?

We now have 17 amazing FirkinAles coming this year for you to taste, including the bonus of a firkin of ‘Hophead‘ donated by The Fox & Pelican and Fullers who have recently acquired the Dark Star brewery in West Sussex.

Six FirkinCiders complete the lineup and this year we have a full house of FirkinSponsors – and many thanks to all of them for their continued support.

Last year’s quality control department ensuring that it was safe to go in the water

As there are only two evening sessions available to try all 23 many FirkinFolk sensibly spread the task out over both.  If you have to choose just one session to go to, you have the option of a relatively quiet FirkinFriday early beers with acoustic jazz – so you can hear yourself drink – or our FirkinParty with talented local band I Witness playing popular covers to get you dancing à la Theresa.

FirkinTickets are £5 and £10 respectively if bought in advance online or from Light lines or Grayshott Social Club.  They will also be available to buy on the door but will cost you an extra £2.50 – that is if there are any left – bearing in mind we sold out last year and had to turn away a disappointed few who had left it too FirkinLate.

You are equipped with a commemorative pint or half FirkinGlass and FirkinGuide when you arrive and remember to get your FirkinTokens in the small hall before heading impatiently for the bar in the main hall.  Half pint tokens are £1.75 or you can buy three pints worth for a tenner.  Bargain! No refunds!

There is also a tricolour of FirkinWine and various soft drinks available at the FirkinFayre along with a small range of absorbent snacks to keep you going before visiting the FirkinNosh+ burrito street wagon for some serious grub.

Here at FirkinFest we embrace the latest technology and FirkinJohn has once again made his FirkinApp available in advance to help you choose your drinks to sample and record your findings.

If you haven’t joined our FirkinList already, ensure you don’t miss all the latest FirkinNews by visiting our FirkinWebsite and signing up today.

Finally, whilst you are there, don’t forget to get your FirkinTickets and we’ll hopefully see you in just a couple of weeks!

Last year’s FirkinSurfin’ safari